Bunions are the bump that can develop on the side of the big toe joint.

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A bunion is the bump that can develop on the bone on the side of the big toe. It happens more in women than men, most likely because women tend to wear shoes that cramp their toes more than men. The cramping together of toes can cause a misalignment in the feet which then causes the development of the bunion. Sometimes this causes your big toe to overlap onto the next toe

Bunions can be genetic or caused by arthritis.

Should you notice a bunion developing there are some treatment options to consider. Wear comfortable shoes that conform to the foot and do not put pressure on any part of the foot, particularly the bunion area. Visit a specialty shoe store and choose from their bunion orthotic devices to help cushion and line up the toes in a temporary way.

Consider a visit to your podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon if your bunion does not respond well to this care. Bunion surgery may be your next option. This is not a cosmetic procedure. Bunion surgery relieves pain and corrects the miss-growth.

Surgery becomes an option if your severe foot pain does not get better, or if swelling, numbness, and difficulty moving your toes becomes an issue.

Surgical options depend on the severity of the bunion, and include removing the bunion and realigning the tendons and ligaments that surround the area. This can become a more complex surgery if the bone also requires cutting and realignment.

Discussing a treatment plan with your doctor will help you decide what is best for you. An X-ray, ultrasound, or MRI may help your surgeon to understand that severity of your bunion.

Bunion surgery is usually a day surgery event. You will have some anesthesia and can discuss with your surgeon whether or not to have a general anesthetic. After surgery, you will have stitches and a bandage on your foot. You will need to keep your foot elevated and follow your surgeon’s orders for wound care and activity. It may take a few weeks of healing before you are ready to start back to normal activities.


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