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Primary Care Physicians

Methodist Southlake Hospital has experienced and qualified physicians that give the best care for you or your family. Let us take care of your medical needs.

At Methodist Southlake Hospital the physicians strive to give high quality care for the many services that they provide. The primary care physicians have specialties which would include:

Primary Care Specialties

  • Pediatricians are physicians who are specialized for conditions in children.

  • Family Medicine which is also called Family Practice or General Practice. These physicians are trained to see patients of all ages and conditions.

  • Geriatricians are physicians that are specialized to help with the complexities of the elderly.

  • Gynecologists are trained to help give medical treatments specifically for women.

  • General Internal Medicine are physicians that while having a wide range of training usually treat adults.

To learn more about our primary care physicians read each of their profiles. To schedule an appointment with a primary care physician call 817-865-4400 or fill out our request an appointment tab.

Primary Care Physicians

Dr. Asha Abraham

Dr. Gloria Anding

Dr. Kalan Bobbitt

Dr. Stephen R. Buksh

Dr. Marc Chapman

Dr. Ronald Chio

Dr. Michael Dao

Dr. Timothy Dao

Dr. Michael Dotti

Dr. William Drake

Dr. Gregory Fuller

Dr. Martyn Gordon

Dr. Michael Jutras

Dr. David B. Kaner

Dr. Mike Karing

Dr. Alok Kushwaha

Dr. Kathryn Mandal

Dr. Rebeca Mayol-Sharp

Dr. Cody Mihills

Dr. Eva Mina

Dr. Thuthuy T. Nguyen

Dr. Julie Olivo

Dr. Kevin Page

Dr. Henry Pham

Dr. Hien Pham

Dr. Roger Tolar

Dr. Brooks P. Trotter

Dr. Phu T. Truong

Dr. Mohammad Uddin

Dr. Radhika Vayani

Primary Care Articles

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