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The Department of Podiatry at Methodist Southlake Hospital specialize in the surgical and medical treatment of foot and ankle disorders.  Our podiatrists strive to help diabetic patients take better care of their feet to prevent ulcers and infections.

Podiatry Services

  • Diabetic foot care

  • Bunion surgery

  • Hammer toe

  • Heel pain

  • Ankle sprains

  • Plantar fasciitis (arch pain)

  • Nerve pain (neuropathy)

  • Nail and Skin disorders

To learn more about our podiatrists read each of their profiles.  To schedule an appointment with our Department of Podiatry call 817-865-4400 or fill out our request an appointment tab.

Podiatry Surgeons

  • Dr. Richard Nichols - Podiatric Surgery

Dr. Richard Nichols

Podiatric Surgery

Podiatry Articles

  • Heel Pain

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common ailment and usually easy to treat. Heel pain usually occurs on the [...]

  • Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is the most common sprain injury and it can usually be treated at home. An [...]

  • bunion

What is a Bunion

Bunions are the bump that can develop on the side of the big toe joint. A bunion is [...]

  • Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care

If you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, then foot care is an essential part of your diabetes [...]

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