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Billing, Insurance, & Payment


Following your procedure, our business office will bill your insurance carrier(s) directly; your insurance carrier(s) will then send you an “explanation of benefits” (EOB) statement. The EOB is not a bill; instead, it itemizes all the services you received at Methodist Southlake Hospital, explains what portion of the costs are paid by the insurance carrier(s), and highlights what you will owe our hospital.

Once the EOB has been processed, we will bill you the remaining balance still owed, which will be due upon receipt. Please note that Methodist Southlake Hospital will bill you only for hospital services, so you may receive separate bills from other providers, including the surgeon or anesthesiologist.


Methodist Southlake hospital is an in network facility for most major insurance plans (for example: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and United). At this time Methodist Southlake Hospital does not participate in Medicaid and Medicare.


Any deductible or co-pay that is required by your insurance carrier(s) will be due on or before your day of treatment. If you do not have insurance, the full procedure amount will be due at that time; however, you are welcome to contact our business office before your procedure date and our staff will work with you to help develop a monthly payment plan.

At Methodist Southlake Hospital, we are happy to accept cash, cashier’s checks, major credit cards and personal checks with a valid accompanying ID.

Make Payment Online

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If you have any questions or need to discuss available payment options or plans, feel free to contact our admissions department prior to treatment.

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